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Our expertise in the pallet industry means that we are able to do more than sell reconditioned pallets, we also know how to dispose of them responsibly. Where it is possible, we will recycle pallets that you no longer require or we will dispose of them properly.


Not only will we collect reusable pallets from your location when it is convenient to you, but we will pay you cash for them.

Efficient pallet disposal

Each and every pallet that comes through our yard is examined and graded according to its quality. We can then determine how best to reuse them.






Less environmental impact

Pallet reconditioning process

In the event that we are unable to repair your pallets, we will use our Green Machine to dismantle them before reusing the timber and blocks. After ensuring that the timber can be reused, we will use high quality nails to construct refurbished pallets.

Environmentally friendly pallets

Efficient, environmentally friendly pallet disposal by licensed waste carriers.

We pay cash for your reusable pallets.

pallets being moved on lorry pallets being disposed of